Writing challenge

A Letter From Home

If I ever got a letter from home, this is what it would look like.

Day 11:

Dear Ria,

It sounds funny calling you Ria but we heard that is what you said people should start calling you from now on, don’t ask us who we heard it from? I and your father miss you so much, it’s been a while we saw you since you left to continue serving your fatherland in Easter.

The house is so quiet without your energetic voice and funny stories about your newfound neighbors and friends over there. Everyone keeps asking about you, even the chickens at the backyard go about with saddened faces, it’s obvious they miss you too even if you were mean to them.

I would have loved to give you some news but I know your siblings would have told you everything on WhatsApp, plus I don’t want to be a bearer of old tales.

You don’t call us often anymore, If you did you would have known I sprained my knee while dancing last week. Your father thinks I am being dramatic about it but my knee really hurts. I know that if you were around, you would have taken me seriously.

Are you eating well? Are you cooking good meals? I know you are not cooking often, you are such a lazy girl and I pity that new roommate of yours.

I am sure you already know your baby brother is at home on holidays, he doesn’t ever let my phone rest at all. Come home quickly so you can help me lock my phone with an easy code like my birth year or just use 1234 so that I don’t forget.

When last did you hear from your older siblings? Do make sure you call them often. By the way, we saw your pictures on Facebook. You looked so lovely, you really took your fashion sense from me. Do you think the store you bought that blue gown from will have my size? You know my birthday is next month right? And I didn’t get any gift from you for mothers day.

Anyways, mama Pascal and the neighbours said I should send their regards. They said you should buy big onions and dried fish for them when you are coming back.

Don’t forget to buy enough things for me too and don’t mind mama Pascal, in fact, make sure you buy small onions for her and save your money.

Your father and baby brother also send their love. ❤

We love you Tolotolo.💕

I miss home already, I can’t wait to get home to my family.

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