Writing challenge

The Africa I Never Read About.

Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity.

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Day 12:

This prompt reminds me so much about one of Chimamanda Adichie’s TEDx talks titled “The Danger of a Single Story”.

Often times, we are faced with vicious and constant negative stories paraded by the media about Africa and it’s people. News about chaos, poverty and corruption seem to be the highlight of the African story.

That, in itself, is the truth but that’s a single story. The danger of a single story is that it creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.

Show a people as one thing, only one thing, over and over again, and that is what they become. It’s time to celebrate the other story of this great continent, the other story of Africa I never read about.

The story of resilience, the story of a people whose spirit can never be crushed, a story of hope, a story of light, a story of growth, a story of triumph, a story of endless beauty, a story of hardworking and brilliant people who have chosen not to give up.

The African Story I never read about is the story of a continent that is still standing tall and evergreen in spite of how much has been stolen from it.

“When we reject the single story, when we realize that there is never a single story about any place, we regain a kind of paradise”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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