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Blogging in Africa

Blogging is all about sharing stories, and stories help shape the world we live in.— Ria’s Haven

Day 13:

It’s amazing how the internet has evolved. 10 years ago, If you had told someone you were a blogger you would have gotten a good laugh from them before they hit you with “Are you crazy?”, ” what do you even mean by ‘you are a blogger’?”, “will that put food on your table?” and so on.

Fast forward, look how much the times have changed. Well, I can’t talk about blogging in Africa without mentioning Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger who very well exploited the hidden gold in blogging at a time Nigerians barely knew what it was. And by the time she started basking in fame and raking in her fortunes, thanks to her numerous controversial and gossip posts that got everyone talking, she had virtually opened the curtains to blogging in Nigeria.

Blogging on the continent has enjoyed explosive growth, helping shape a positive African narrative in recent years. From everyday life to food and fashion; and from poetry and literature to tourism and wildlife, African stories are been told every second of every day all over the continent through blogging.

Young entrepreneurs in Africa are now looking beyond conventional business approaches. They are now able to become thought leaders through the content they share on their craft, forging new connections with their audience. Blogging allows them to reach markets outside their own; and cuts costs related to marketing, public relations, and brand awareness.

However, the problem of low internet penetration in Africa poses to be a stumbling block to the fast-rising amount of bloggers generated on the continent. There are still numerous stories untold by Africans who cannot access the internet.

Despite the challenges faced, existing African bloggers are forging ahead generating amazing content and exchanging information with other bloggers from various continents.

Blogging in Africa has given birth to a continuous rise in African stories for Africans and others.

7 thoughts on “Blogging in Africa”

  1. Thank you for sharing your insights about blogging in Nigeria. Here in the Philippines, there’s a rising trend for vlogging. While it is quite fun to make one, I still believe on the far-reaching benefits of immortalizing life events through writing. And you can only achieve it through blogging. I hate to think that Filipinos and even other countries are breeding a population that’s too lazy to read. I hope it is not the case.

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