Writing challenge

Five Africans, Past & Present Who Inspire Me

“Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating”—John Wooden

Day 14:

The crazy thing about being a role model is that it’s not even deliberate. You just go about being the best at what you do and doing what’s best for you and you will never know the number of minds that draw inspiration from your life.

I think I am an embodiment of many parts, just like chapters that form a book. There is a part of me that loves to express my self in words, and a part that loves to be goofy and care-free, and also a part that wants to change the world and touch lives and of course, a part that just wants to sleep through my worries and not give a damn if the world came crashing down.

All my parts put together creates my unique personality and therefore draw their own inspiration.

So here goes my list:

1. Theodora Nmekachukwu Elendu

She is an accomplished Nigerian Lawyer and by far the smartest person I know. She is my number one inspiration, her life inspires me to believe so much in my abilities, to be brave and confident in my truth.

2. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

She is a successful Nigerian novelist. Her works inspire the part of me that wants to just express myself in my own words without fear or guilt.

IG: chimamanda_adichie

3. Linda Ifeoma Ikeji

She is a media mogul who made her fortune from blogging. Her journey motivates me to do better and create a niche for myself in the blogging sphere. I think of her and I can’t help but imagine all the potentials and prospects of ria’s haven blog.

IG: Officiallindaikeji

4. Chukuwufumnaya Anita Obidi

She is a professional dancer, musician, and creative director. She inspires the crazy side of my personality, the part of me that wants to shake my booty, and sing all my favourite songs off-key without any care in the world.

IG: Korraobidi

5. Cera Cerni

She is a talented muralist. Her paintings are beautiful and exceptional, I am in awe of all her artworks. Her illustrations inspire the part of me that takes delight in nature and all it’s splendour. Click here to check out her works.

IG: Ceracerni

I really hope that one day, a person will get asked to mention five Africans (past or present) that inspire(d) them, and my name would make the list.

So, let me hear from you. Who are the top five africans past and present that inspire you?

P.S: There is no past African on my list.

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