Writing challenge

Traditions & Cultures That No Longer Have a Place in the New World.

“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of people working together everyday.”

– Frances Hesselbein

Still on the matter of culture and customary practices, today’s prompt is about highlighting certain practices that may no longer have a place in the new world.

Click on my previous post to get the background story =>About My Culture.

Day 19:

The world is changing and there are some traditions that will no longer have a place.

  • Female Inheritance

In Igbo land, women are not allowed to inherit land, except if she decides to stay unmarried in her father’s house. Lands are only shared or given to sons because it is believed a woman will eventually leave her father’s house, and thus, her father’s household will lose such inheritance.

I think this tradition is going to die out.

  • Passing on of the family name

Where I come from, couples pray and fast to give birth to male children that will pass on the family name. When a couple has only daughters, the man may sometimes step out of the marriage to try his luck with some other women. *as if, it’s not the man who is responsible for Y-chromosomes🙄*

This tradition is a joke and trust me it won’t live very long. Married women are now keeping their surnames or hyphenating, and some new couples even do away with the whole family name to create theirs.

Funeral Rites

Any Igbo child who has lost a family member would be able to relate to the pain of having to meet up with bogus funeral requirements.

The process is so tedious, fees upon fees are paid to off set debt the dead relative didn’t pay in their various Umunna societies. Families are mourning but what’s more important is to make sure food and meat go round.

Traditional funeral rites are damn expensive and this practice would have no place in the new world. Families are going to start burying their loved ones how they deem fit and not kill themselves with expenses trying to meet up with ridiculous requirements.

  • New Yam Festival

The Igbos celebrate their yam harvest every year and give thanks to the gods. Yam is a special delicacy in Igboland, according to legends, our ancestors survived on wild yams in the forest when they decided to settle in the east.

The reason I think this practice may no longer have a place in the new world is because of the advent of science and research. Improved seedlings, quality pesticides, and fertilizers are now being produced, hence, farmers are now sure of a bountiful harvest without the intervention of the “deities”.

These are just a few practices I think would die out pretty soon. Feel free to share some part of your culture that may no longer have a place in the new world.

“Culture does not make people. People make culture.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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