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5 Local Brands Doing The Most In My Country.

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.”

— Walter Landor

When I initially saw this prompt, I was about to make a list of successful renowned local brands in Nigeria but on second thought, I decided to make this post personal.

So, instead of listing out big businesses, I made this post about small-scale brands that I personally know are doing way more than the ordinary to make a name for themselves.

*I would like to note that, this is not a sponsored post.*

Day 25:

So, here goes my list:

1. Omi-Djire

The Omi-Djire friends run a kayaking tour business. If you find yourself in Lagos, Nigeria and you want to experience kayaking, I highly recommend this friends.

Their rates are affordable and they make really great company. Kindly read about my personal experience in my previous post about >>> Kayaking in Lagos.

IG: Omidjire

2. Donutsburg

This brand is an online bakeshop that redefined donuts for me. Never, ever, did I imagine donuts could look so good and yummy.

Check out their Instagram and start placing your orders now!

IG: Donuts_burg

3. Shopp.LIV

Shopp.liv is an online retail store that deals mainly in fashion items for women. What you see is definitely what you get when it comes to this brand.

IG: shopp.liv

4. Banks Fleet

This brand renders topnotch car hire services. From airport pick-ups to inter-state road trips, banks fleet got your back any day.

I am a happy customer.😉

5. Dynami Stores

Dynami stores are the newest on the block and they also deal in women accoutrements.

All the brands listed above have two things in common. Firstly, they are spear-headed by young people and most importantly, the goods and services they render are the best of quality.

Feel free to drop a budding local brand in Nigeria you think should be on this list.

I will really love to check them out and perhaps, patronize whatever services or goods they provide.

Finally, my candid advice to all entrepreneurs is one of my favourite quotes by Einstein:

“Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere.”

– Albert Einstein

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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