Writing challenge

The Lessons

I once participated in a 30-day writing challenge some months ago but I didn’t finish it. When I came across this challenge, I wasn’t sure if things will end the same way, and I was sort of curious to find out.

Anyways, today’s prompt is to write about the lessons I learned during this challenge.

Day 27:

Writing consistently and publishing every day is hella tasking, but I learned a great deal on this journey and I will like to share a few lessons with you.

1. You Can Always Edit a Bad Page but You Can’t Edit A Blank Page.

If you don’t put something down, how can you make changes?

2. There is Really No Better Way of Growing Your Blog Readership than to Publish Great Post Every Day.

One of the reasons why I decided to participate in a 30-day binge writing was to grow my readership and trust me, the results have been amazing.

3. It’s Not That Hard, All You Have to do is Start.

Just like any other project, the scariest part is just before you start.

4. Generating Content Opens the Door to More Content.

Before I embarked on this challenge, I was quite low on blogging ideas but after weeks of writing and publishing daily prompts, I have been able to come up with more ideas and topics to blog about throughout next month and beyond.

5. I Am Not Alone.

Participating in this challenge made me discover interesting African bloggers who have a story to tell just like me. It really feels good to know that I am not alone.

6. There is no Perfect Writing.

This is what makes every story unique. If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.

7. Reading and Writing go Hand in Hand.

Except, of course, you want to dish out bland contents that lack depth; good writing requires a good amount of research.

8. The More You Write, The More You Discover.

Some topics were more difficult than others and therefore required more digging and more reading. I got to discover new words, exciting stories and interesting perspectives on societal issues and life in general.

These are just a few lessons I learned and I am totally grateful for.

Writing everyday is definitely a great exercise to attain blogging fitness, I totally recommend you try it sometime.

Have a great day!

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