Writing challenge

A Letter to a Few Bloggers Who Inspired Me During This Challenge.

“It’s easier to give up when you are running alone.”

— Ria’s Haven

In as much as, your biggest motivation should always come from within you, it is also rewarding to find people who are on the same track as you and draw some sort of inspiration from them.

So, today, I am going to write a letter to two amazing bloggers from great African nations who inspired me in more ways than one throughout this challenge.

Day 28:

To Caroline and Precious:

I really just want you to know, that nothing gave me so much enthusiasm and motivation to write than checking your blogs and discovering you both were still on course.

Thank you so much for spilling your truth and telling amazing stories every day for the past few weeks, in spite of whether or not you were in the mood to write.

Every time I wrote from my Nigerian perspective, I was always keen to read the perspective from other African countries through you.

Keep writing amazing content all the way. Who knows? One day this Nigerian blogger may pay you both a visit in your respective countries.

Cheers to great content, amazing blog traffic, and future rewarding deals and endorsements. 🍻

Don’t forget to have so much fun this Friday! #TGIF

Kindly tap the links to check out their blogs.



6 thoughts on “A Letter to a Few Bloggers Who Inspired Me During This Challenge.”

  1. I love your letter style blogs so well written and sweet. I think it s so important for the blogging community to cheer each other on, support each others achievements and motivate each other to do better and not give up. Great post!

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