My Monthly Obsessions — July Edition

“Follow your most intense obsession mercilessly.” — Frank Kafka I can't believe today is the last day in July, just like that! and in a few hours, we will be launched into another month. 2019 seem to be running like the wind, I barely just blinked in January and boom! We are in July. This … Continue reading My Monthly Obsessions — July Edition

My Self-Care Tips

Early in my life, I understood that the only way to avoid constructive or destructive criticisms, hurt or failure was to say nothing and do nothing. So, I learned to embrace the chaos as they come, in my own way.Amidst what life or people throw at you, it's important to practice self-care for your sanity. … Continue reading My Self-Care Tips

Owambe 🎀

'Owambe' is a yoruba word that loosely means 'it's here' to connote something is happening here. The word has fast become a street slang in Nigeria to mean a wedding party. Wedding parties in Nigeria are generally slated for Saturdays and yesterday I had a nice time at an acquaintance's wedding. The main reason I … Continue reading Owambe 🎀