Guilty Pleasures πŸ™ˆ

Guilty pleasures are things we love indulging in, that we know very well we shouldn’t be doing.

C’mon, don’t roll your eyes. Everyone has guilty pleasures so don’t judge me. I have a lot of them but I will just share a few with you guys.

So, let’s rock n roll:

1. Sleeping In

I could actually sleep all day and night if, I didn’t need to eat, go to work, clean up my room and hang out with friends so that my family members don’t think I am in a coma.

I enjoy taking long naps for the love of it. By the way, you save so much money on food, shopping, and mobile data when you are asleep.

2. Eating Junk and not feeling sorry

All these fitfam blogs have nothing on me, I love junk and there is no form of guilt-tripping that can change my love for chips, fizzy drinks, ice cream, and cakes.

Plus, I always think about the families of employees that work in all these food factories, what would happen to them if Ria doesn’t buy anymore?

3. Blowing My Nose in My shirts

I know this is gross but it is what it is. Whenever I have a cold, my shirts pay the price.

I mean, tissues don’t do the job perfectly, handkerchiefs get pretty wet and drippy quickly but shirts are just perfect. They have a large surface area, you can blow your nose in different corners and turn it inside out to continue if your nose is still leaking.

4. Watching Reality TV

Everyone keeps talking about how people who watch reality TV have low IQs and are not serious in life.

I accept the latter, I am not serious in life.πŸ˜’

5. Binge Watching TV series on a weekday

This always leaves me quite groggy and almost unproductive at work the next day, but I still damn the consequences and binge watch my favorite series.

6. Watching Adult Content on the Internet

*clears throat*

It is not want you think guys, this is mainly for research purposes. πŸ™„

Enough of me today, let me hear from you. Feel free to share any of your guilty pleasures in the comment section.

Have a fabulous Friday!

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