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Our Love Story πŸ’•

It’s storytime…..

So, in mid-May, my boyfriend and I celebrated our two years anniversary and for me, it felt like it was two weeks ago he asked me out.

It’s so amazing when someone comes to your life and you expect nothing out of it but suddenly, there, right in front of you is everything you ever needed.

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Our journey together has been amazing, even though, we had to live in different cities at some point because I had to travel to serve my fatherland.

The long distance was quite difficult to cope with at the beginning because we have always been in the same city, but at the end of the day, it was all worth it.

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Before I met my boyfriend, I always dreamt of meeting the love of my life in a very dramatic situation. You know, I am stranded and it’s raining and then a dark knight in shining armor riding a black royal horse saves me, a damsel in distress.

Well, life had other plans.πŸ’

Our love story was far from dramatic, I met my boyfriend in University/College. And no, he wasn’t visiting or an exchange student, he was my coursemate and friend for four years.

I saw him every day in class and we talked about every other thing except the possibility of us ending up together. I really enjoyed his company and loved how unproblematic, kind, respectful, open-minded and smart he was.

We got much closer in final year and we sort of became best friends who were inseparable. I remember telling my sister about him and gushing about how much I was so fond of him…blah blah blah. I guess a baby girl was already in love.😍

So fast forward, after years of friendship and happy memories together, we eventually fell hopelessly in love with each other and he asked me to be his girlfriend which I said a capital Y to the freaking E to the big S! After, of course, we had talked about our individual expectations and what we both wanted out of this journey we were about to embark on.

It’s been a beautiful ride up to this moment with every promise kept, and I look forward to experiencing the rest of my life with my best friend.❀

“When you meet the one who changes the way your heart beats, dance with them to that rhythm for as long as the song lasts.”

β€” Kirk Diedrich

I would like to hear about your love stories too in the comment section.

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