Owambe 🎀

‘Owambe’ is a yoruba word that loosely means ‘it’s here’ to connote something is happening here.

The word has fast become a street slang in Nigeria to mean a wedding party. Wedding parties in Nigeria are generally slated for Saturdays and yesterday I had a nice time at an acquaintance’s wedding.

The main reason I am blogging about this is because this was my first out-of-state wedding. Yup, I journeyed to another state to attend this wedding party.

I left my city on Friday with my girlfriends. The car we took wasn’t so comfortable but the inconvenience was fast overlooked as we talked and chatted throughout the journey.

We left the car park around 4:30pm.

We got to Ibadan by 9pm.

And finally, I and the girls arrived at the hotel few minutes after. We were so stressed out from the journey but the excitement did not allow us go to bed immediately.

Sadly, we missed the bridal shower but I snagged a photo of the bride-to-be.

Fast forward to the d-day, we got up early the next morning to prepare and of course do our make-up.

We were all set in few hours to turn all the heads at the event.

The event started with the traditional engagement ceremony.

Then the ‘nikkah’ ceremony which is the Muslim wedding, followed almost immediately. The Muslim cleric joined the couple and gave a lengthy sermon on the proper way to live as husband and wife.

After which, the reception started and it was was marked with lots of food, drinks and dancing.

My phone battery ran low so I didn’t snag any more photos. It was an interesting experience overall.

I wish the latest couple in town a joyous and blissful home.

Have you ever attended a wedding out of town? Do you think you can ever attend one? Let me hear about your experience in the comment section.

P.S: My sister made my dress by the way.🎈

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