10 Things I Love About Myself.

The list is endless, trust me.

But somehow, I managed to squeeze out ten things I totally love about myself. I think these ten things actually define me in an absolute way.

It is important to note, that it was a pretty difficult task picking out just ten. I had a whole staff meeting in my brain all by myself on selecting my top ten list.

Blogging about this really made me reflect and fall in love with all the unique aspects and dimensions of me that makes me, well, me.

I implore you to try this sometime, you may just fall in love with yourself all over again.



1. My Dirty Mind:

I just can’t help it guys, I have embraced my inner pervert and there is nothing I, or anyone else can do about it.

A stranger could say something random like “When you dig deeper into something, you come out with a deeper understanding” and am like “yeah, just like sex right?”

2. I am not a picky eater:

I eat everything and anything as long as it isn’t human flesh or poisonous.

3. My Weight:

I weigh roughly about 190 lbs, which makes me very difficult to kidnap without drawing unsolicited attention.

4. My Creativity:

Not necessarily in the way that I write but in the way I generally tackle life problems. When life hands me lemons, guess what I make? Nope, not lemonade. I make chocolate cake!

5. Dotingness:

I am a helpless romantic and it’s not my fault really. My birthday falls on the 12th of November which means, my parents definitely had sex on valentine’s day. There was too much love in the air during my conception, it is the cross I have to bear. I love love😍

6. My Memory:

My hard drive is packed up with random data and thus, no space for all the information I actually need.

It’s amazing how well I remember movie lines, and the inscription on the creepy guy’s shirt that passed by me on a motorbike at full speed on January 11th, 1919. But, can’t seem to remember where I put my room keys.

7. Confidence:

Gosh! I don’t even know how I do this. I love the fact that I could walk in a room and not feel the need to compare myself to anyone.

8. My Bullshit Detector:

I have an in-built hypothetical, mental device that has the ability to detect deception, dishonesty, insincerity, hypocrisy, and falsity in others.

I kid you not! I can detect bovine excrement from a thousand miles away.

9. Beauty:

I am such a bunch of sweetness on the inside and it radiates on the outside.

10. Brains:

Everyone has one but mine works differently! My brain is like my internet browser: At least 25 tabs are open, 7 of them have been abandoned and where the hell is that music coming from?

Feel free to drop 10 things or any number of things you totally love about yourself.

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