My Self-Care Tips

Early in my life, I understood that the only way to avoid constructive or destructive criticisms, hurt or failure was to say nothing and do nothing. So, I learned to embrace the chaos as they come, in my own way.

Amidst what life or people throw at you, it’s important to practice self-care for your sanity. Your happiness and state of my mind should be your priority.

So, over the years I came up with my personal self-care routine and I am going to share some of them with you.

1. Giving Myself More Credit:

Believe it or not, you deserve more credit than you give yourself. You are doing a great job, you are not a loser because one or several things didn’t work out as planned. If no one claps for you, clap for yourself.

Learn to encourage yourself.

2. Maintaining My Positive Energy:

No one, I repeat no one dares tamper with my high spirits. I am a bundle of positivity and I ensure I stay that way by always looking for the rainbow beyond the clouds.

3. Walking Away from whatever is not serving me:

I have no business with negativity and I keep it that way. Recognize what is working for you and create boundaries without feeling guilty.

Love yourself enough to walk away from toxic situations.

4. Positive Reinforcements:

I learned to be my best fan and hype man. Talking about mantras, I speak positively to myself every day and why shouldn’t? I need me to stay motivated every step of the way.

A happy mind is a happy life.

5. Developing Myself:

I am my greatest asset so it’s only common sense that I should be my greatest investment. My goal is to be a better individual every day so I am constantly tweaking and shaping myself, getting rid of dead weight and habits I don’t need and taking up new improved ways of living.

6. Resting:

I am not superhuman and therefore, I can’t be everything to everyone. Resting is a good way to recharge yourself, don’t skip it or take it lightly because you want to be a superhero.

Stress and depression are twins, and death is their mother.

7. Being Grateful:

Gratitude is the life force of contentment and contentment is the foundation of inner happiness. Be grateful for how far you have come.

Constantly search for a reason to be grateful every day.

8. Prioritizing:

It’s essential to highlight what is important and allocate time for things that mean a lot to you.

Declutter and reorganize your life.

9. Accepting my limitations:

Know your limitations and accept them, when you acknowledge your limitations you acknowledge your imperfections and love yourself for who you are.

10. Exploring:

That’s how you discover your purpose and key into a life of fulfillment and happiness. Don’t be scared to explore new opportunities, humans were made to explore that’s why we have legs, not roots.

Self-care helps in giving the world the best of you, not what’s left of you. Today is Friday and I sincerely hope you give yourself the rest, love, encouragement and attention you give to others so freely.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!💚

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