My Idiosyncrasies.

I woke up today and something just popped up in my head, I know this may sound weird but I will share it anyway.

Have you ever watched a movie where someone dies and comes back in another body and then goes back to take a job or live with their family and tries to convince their best friend/loved one that they are the same person but in another body? And then, their best friend/loved one tells them to prove it, and this ghost guy or girl does something or say something very peculiar to them and convinces their best friend and stuff like that.

So, what am I driving at? I just figured that if I died and came back in another body, how the hell would I convince my loved ones that it is Ria but in a different body?

What are my idiosyncrasies? Things that are peculiar to just me and probably no one else.

So I thought really hard and came up with top seven things that should convince my loved ones that I am me but stuck in a different body.


1. This Post:

I will refer my loved ones to this post, c’mon it’s only someone like me that would have thought and prepared for scenarios that have 0.0000000001% chances of happening.

2. My Sexual Humour:

At least I should have said something along the lines of sex in the first twenty minutes of trying to convince them it’s me.

3. My Disgust For Tea:

I know during the meeting, my loved ones will try to offer me tea in disguise to check if it’s really me in another body.

I hate tea!

4. Gists/Gossip:

So, I hate drinking tea but I always have tea to spill. I mean, is it really me if I don’t give them gists of all the stuff happening in the underworld.

5. Sneezing In My Shirt:

My shirts are always dripping with snot when I have a cold. This is one of my peculiar bad habits.

6. My Facial Expressions:

I doubt if my face is ever at a point of rest, it is always contorted one way or another.

7. My Horrible Laughter:

At this point, they should be more than convinced it’s me. I mean, what are the odds? 💁

Alright, let me hear from you in the comment section. If your spirit/soul got stuck in another body, what is the one thing you have to do or say to convince your best friend/loved one it’s you?

4 thoughts on “My Idiosyncrasies.”

  1. Oh this is a fun one.

    Easiest would be to convince my husband and my friend A, as they are privy to a secret or two that wouldn’t be easily obtained by anyone else.

    Facial expressions would be one of my things, too. Not that my face is always contorted, but apparently my scowls are particularly fierce and off-putting and have been since I was a child.

    Wordiness. Telling stories with about 10x the level of detail needed to get to the gist. $5 dollar words mispronounced because I’ve only read them, not heard them spoken out loud.


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