Life Lately

“Of all the aspects of social misery nothing is so heartbreaking as unemployment.”

— Jane Addams

What can I say?

If you think you hate Mondays, try unemployment.

I am currently unemployed and I have been aggressive about my job hunting. My Gmail is probably tired of me refreshing every two seconds. I have no doubt that if my Gmail could send a message to me it will probably read:

Hey Ria,

If someone sent you a message, you will be the first to see it, trust me. I am not hiding anything for Christ sakes!

The last time I felt this way was when I just finished my final exams. I was so unsure about a lot of things, what directions to take and all the thoughts that comes with the fear of the unknown. Two years after and my doubt has crept back but all in all, I am determined to go with my guts over fear and faith over doubt.

Even though, it’s just been about seven weeks since I was out of a job, it feels like it’s been seven years. I totally miss being productive and using a great deal of my brain cells.

Anyways, here’s the rainbow beyond my cloud; I actually get to blog about this and who knows, perhaps, this gets to inspire or motivate someone out there.

So, here is list of what I have been doing this past few weeks:

1. Reconsidering My Career Path

I have been doing a lot of reflecting about this. As a zoologist in Nigeria, my career prospects are just enough to fit into the cap of a bottle.

2. Updating My Resumé/CV/Social Media Accounts

Well, everything was really dusty and needed some fine cleaning.

3. Taking Online Courses

Coursera has been my comfort in these difficult times. I can take courses for free and opt to purchase my certificate when I am done. The app is so amazing!

4. Reading Lots Of Books

I can’t wait to share with fellow book lovers, reviews of some of the lovely books I have read so far.

5. I Started a Podcast

Have I mentioned this? I started a podcast on the Anchor App and I am totally enjoying it. I don’t know if this will be a long term commitment and I really can’t wait to find out. I think I listed this in — My Monthly Obsessions – July Edition

6. Hung Out With Friends

I have also been having a little fun with friends. 😉 I recommend this 100%, it helps cheer you up a whole lot.

So, that’s about what this unemployed baby girl has been doing with her time. Yup! My life lately in a blog post.

I really want to say a big thank you to my friends and family who have been encouraging me all the way. ❤

Let me hear your thoughts if you have been through this phase, how did you cope? I could use a lot of insight right now.

Have a great day ahead and wish me a great deal of luck!💚

8 thoughts on “Life Lately”

  1. Ria, I am certain you will get a job soon, and when you do let me know cause I told ya!!.

    Yes I have been through this phase and done all sorts, trust me it is not easy. However, this phase can open your mind to the gift of unique creativity you bear within, if only you are bold and faithfully believe. Most times we are quick in looking for a comfort zone where we are secured with the assurance of a monthly pay.

    I know for a fact that if you think outside the box long enough you would realize there’s a ton of stuff you can do that people need and that is what makes money. You’ve got the everything it takes to make it happen. It must not happen within the confines of the conventional corporate environment like we are made to believe in Nigeria.

    Sometimes we find ourselves in this sort of situation perhaps by Divine orchestration so we can really discover the treasure within us. So don’t panic, just relax, and think about what you can do. Everything you know you can do.

    Passing through this phase, made me decide never to work for anyone again.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and keep the faith.

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    1. Reading this brought warmth to my heart. I don’t even know what to say, I am overwhelmed by your encouraging and also challenging words.

      I am definitely keeping the faith burning, thank you so much for sharing this. I will definitely let you know when I get the job!🤗💚


  2. I’m really scared of that phase, even long holidays make me feel somehow,I just hope I don’t search for too long, I pray you get a job real quick Ria and I like the Coursera thing, I’ll try it out.

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