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The Money VS Love Debate

Happy Eid-el Kabir celebrations to my Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world.

I am so happy about the holidays and today was some sort of movie day for my family. We all sat down to binge watch movies together, gist and have fun.

Well, we had a lot to say and argue about one particular Nollywood movie we watched. You know the usual story:

Poor girl meets two boys,

The two boys are in love with her,

One is rich but she doesn’t love him,

And the other is poor but she loves him,

Who should she go for?

This scenario comes in different variations but it still comes down to the classic money vs love debate.

The Money Vs Love Debate

This debate has gone on for centuries and will still go on in the next millennia to come and beyond. The house was wild with hot takes from everyone. From my folks who have been married for 35+ years to my baby brother who had no idea what the whole fuss was all about.

Anyways, I decided to bring the debate here. And I personally think the money vs love debate is a tricky one. They are both very important for a healthy marriage but the consistency of any of the options cannot be guaranteed by any means.

All it takes is just one or several bad situations to turn a millionaire into a destitute and lovebirds into hyenas.

Marriage is a freaking long time to be with someone who doesn’t have your back like you have theirs. The loss of a child, sickness, bad investments, debt, etc. These things have the capacity to shake everyone to their barest core.

It’s a crazy debate but this is my take:

I would definitely go with a partner who loves me as much as I love them, regardless of our financial state, over someone who can make my life more comfortable but I don’t have any love in my heart for them.

I know living comfortably is such a great thing to pass off but what happens when he can no longer afford the ‘comfortable’ lifestyle?

I would like to hear your thoughts on the money vs love debate.

P.S: The movie director made it easy for ‘poor girl’ to choose at the end by making the poor guy wealthy later on. I and my baby brother were absolutely rooting for love.

P.S.S: Money and Love are/should not be the only factors to consider in marriage. There are other things to also look out for, such as detrimental habits (Alcoholism, womanising, chain smoking, drug addiction, over-spending, gambling etc.) , character/personality (Are they hardworking, honest, level-headed, respectful, kind, trust-worthy, eager to help, forgiving etc. ?) and so on.


8 thoughts on “The Money VS Love Debate”

  1. I will go for money.
    Earning power, money making ability over love.
    From your definition, the love you described is the romantic type.
    “Poor girl in love with two guys”

    Romantic love is highly overrated.
    I can live without it.
    Thank you.

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    1. Oh my! You were so blunt, Theodora.
      The romantic love of all the types of love is the most thrilling but also the most unstable.
      However, romantic love isn’t just what is up on the table. Love in its totality is what is at stake in this debate.
      Hence, would you by any means have a reconsider?


  2. Well, traditionally, love wasn’t the reason for marriage. Though one or both of the couple might be in love but marriages were about getting families together [1](i.e. trying to make more money or power).
    But the narrative changed sometime around the 19th century when couples started marrying solely for love. And coincidentally, divorce rate has risen exponentially since then [2](though more freedom (wokeness) and reduced stigmatization also encouraged this)

    Movies have also contributed to this by making it seem as if love is the main and only ingredient required for a successful marriage. But they do forget that love, like other feelings, can change. And it cannot solely sustain a marriage for a lifetime.

    I believe money is equally as important (if not more) as love


    😂😂 I really wrote this

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    1. Very interesting take on this.
      I agree with you on a number of things here. Love is definitely not the sole or principal ingredient required for a successful marriage. In recent times, many individuals started to take responsibility for their choices in being with a partner as families most times made the marriage all about themselves and not the people involved.
      For the family, happiness wasn’t the goal, staying married was, because of all what was at stake for the shareholders.

      I actually think it is better to love and lose on your own terms.

      Thank you so much for sharing.💛


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