Hindsight Vs Foresight

This is my first post this month, which is a bit unusual. I do love dropping blog posts at least twice a week but I have been a little exhausted with getting into my new job.

I would definitely blog about that later but lets get into what has been on my mind. Growing up in this part of the world where stories abound about the possibility of getting a glimpse into your future by seeking fortune tellers to read it to you. I always wondered what the motivation was?

I know it isn’t a new thing in many parts of the world too, where people seek fortune tellers/seers/diviners to give them information about the future. Why are people so interested in knowing about their future? Perhaps to know what potholes to avoid or what hurdles to evade?

I always wondered about such actions but I think I can somewhat understand the motive behind it now. Adulthood is an extreme sport and truth be told, some days will not just make sense, heck! Most days won’t even make sense.

Life comes at you with bills, responsibilities, and all what have you and you are just left wondering when it will all come together if it will ever even come together. Life is full of uncertainties and some people try to have some clarity by seeking foresight. Perhaps, if they have a glimpse into the future and see how it all ends, they would know whether to continue with that job or drop out of school.

Future predictions may reveal to you the aftermath but not the every day by day series of events that finally leads up to the big end. It doesn’t map out the pathways so you are left to figure that out on your own.

Having foresight comes with so much burden because now you know how your story plays out but you don’t see the steps that lead you up to that point.

Personally, I think hindsight is better than foresight. Understanding the series of event after they have happened outweighs getting a glimpse of the future and being saddled with worry and anxiety about it.

The truth is, you don’t need to have an answer to every feeling or situation. Overthinking about the future ruins the present. We figure out life by living, screwing up, making mistakes, missing opportunities, failing, by seeking advice and not taking it.

It’s not your job to know what tomorrow holds. Your duty is to make the best of every day and savour every goodness it comes with. That’s what true living is all about.

What do you think? Would you rather have a glimpse of the future or choose to understand why everything happened after it has happened? Hindsight vs foresight?

Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section.

I know it’s a little bit late but I still want to wish you a happy new month. Welcome to the month of September.🌻

6 thoughts on “Hindsight Vs Foresight”

  1. What you guys are saying is true but sometimes when things get tough, you just wanna know if the future holds something nice for you and hindsight sometimes makes you regret and ponder on the things you could have done better. But all the same I agree with you Ria, it’s best you live the best of each day hoping and praying that tomorrow will be better.

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    1. Hindsight sometimes comes with certain regrets as you mentioned. Especially, if you knew you could save a life or avert an accident. I totally understand your point of view.

      Thank you for sharing, Ene.🤗


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