Empty Barrels

I have been meaning to publish a blog post for like forever, and I am super duper glad I was able to kick procrastination out the back door and get to it.

We all know the popular saying that goes:

“Empty barrels make the loudest noise”.

This, of course, speaks a huge volume of truth. Often times, the loudest one in the room is usually the weakest. But, there is something not quite mentioned about empty barrels. Not only does it make the loudest noise, but it can also be easily moved or tossed about.

A little tap or shove can topple an empty barrel unlike a filled up barrel. When a person is empty or shallow on the inside, he/she is easily affected by external negative energies or criticisms.

You cannot control people’s actions towards you but you can control your reaction.

When your soul is filled with positivity, love, kindness, confidence, self-restraint/control and all other virtues, it will be quite difficult to give into aggression or depression when pushed really hard or easily crumble when someone projects their insecurities and negativity on you.

Many people spend so much time decorating their barrels with fancy colours and designs, but only a few take up the responsibility to fill up their barrel with all the virtues they need. You on the inside is more important than you on the outside.

However, the society we live in creates a template that rewards outward appearance over great inner content. That’s why we have many people who spend millions of dollars working on their outer vessel while disregarding their inner self.

But, here is the problem: No matter how beautiful your outer vessel is, if you are not filled from the inside, all it could take may just be one or two hateful comments from a stranger on the internet to crack it.

I implore you to focus your time, energy and resources on developing the important things.

Have an awesome weekend!

5 thoughts on “Empty Barrels”

  1. I’m also glad you kicked procrastination out the back door to deliver us this awesome post.
    I agree with your assessment of empty barrels being easily movable and your philosophy on focusing your attention on filling your barrel as opposed to simply decorating it on the outside really resonates with my own..Thanks for posting and have a wonderful weekend

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