How I stay Motivated in Life

Keeping myself constantly motivated is a conscious and deliberate effort. I don’t walk on the pedestrian lane and hope that motivation skids off the road and knocks me off like a hit-and-run driver. I constantly leave my comfort zone and put myself right in front of the big ‘motivation’ truck to get knocked down repeatedly.

There are some days you will feel low on energy because things aren’t going your way or perhaps opportunities are no longer knocking on your door.

How do you then continue to stay motivated?

Every single day I make it a habit to motivate and inspire myself. I remind myself that my happiness comes from within.

Today, I will share some of my tips on how I stay motivated.

How I Stay Motivated In Life

1. Gratitude:

Every single time I want to complain about all the things not working, I take a pause and instead look at all the other great things I have going for me.

So, instead of saying “I am so sad because of this and that” I say “whew! I am truly blessed, I am grateful for this and this and it’s okay If I don’t have that yet”

I am grateful for all my blessings and draw my motivation from them.

2. Mantras:

The power of self-talk cannot be over-emphasized. I am very self-aware and conscious of who I am. I seek internal validation more than external validation.

I look at myself in the mirror and speak awesome things to me. When I am feeling low on energy, I talk to myself on why I feel that way and say things to cheer myself up. I do this at odd times and places tho.

3. Sleep:

To be honest, some times your lack of motivation maybe as a result of physical exhaustion.

4. Grow your mind:

Feed and water your mind with everything good, and allow it to bloom with flowers of virtues. That way, negativity, and toxic energy won’t drain you of your motivation easily.

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5. Walk away from negativity:

Surround yourself with love and positive things and people. You have no business being with people who constantly put you down and make you feel worthless.

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6. Celebrate your small wins:

For every small project, task or job you accomplish, give yourself a high five, buy a bottle of wine, treat yourself to a nice meal, etc. The list of ways you can celebrate yourself is endless.

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7. Have a purpose:

All the things I mentioned are great but without having a purpose, it’s only going to be temporary. Purpose is the permanent fuel to your motivation.

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There is an Igbo proverb that says:

“Ziga nwatakiri ebe ọ chọrọ ịga ma ị ga-ahụ ije ụkwụ ya”

“Send a child where he wants to go and you will see his best pace”.

Passion is the greatest motivation.

Happy Sunday to you all. Have an awesome week ahead!💚

Feel free to add more tips on how to stay motivated in the comment section.

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