10 Things Not To Say This Christmas

It’s that time of the year again! Where families bond over delicious, sumptuous and finger-licking meals. Ho Ho Ho….I love Christmas.😍

The streets are blazing with Christmas decorations and the skies with fireworks. The best part of the holidays is the fact that almost everyone is home to enjoy quality time with loved ones.

And I know you weren’t expecting this one but I have compiled 10 No No No things to say to anyone this Ho Ho Ho season.

1. Bad News:

You must be the spawn of the devil to share bad news on the Lord’s birthday. You better choke on any bad news you have to share this Christmas because the Good Lord wants us to be happy not teary at his table.

2. Verbal Insults:

Christmas is not the time or the place to talk down on loved ones or anyone for that matter. It’s a time to spread love not spill hate. The last thing anyone wants is a fight across the table that will leave spilled drinks and delicious gravy.

3. Awkward questions:

No one wants to eat in awkward silence so therefore, no one should ask awkward questions.

4. Ask about exes:

This takes us back to no. 3, you had 364 days to ask about why your niece and her fiance didn’t work out but no, the lord’s birthday had to be the perfect day for you.

5. Talk about dieting and exercise and whatnot:

Over turkey! That’s so annoying, no one wants to hear about keeping fit and burning calories or any weight loss programme over Christmas dinner. Don’t be a party pooper.

6. Ask how much a present cost:

Don’t be a tacky person!😠

7. Rave about how much you spent on a present

I don’t know which is worse, no. 6 or 7

8. Tell sex jokes about Santa claus

Santa doesn’t deserve such slander on his person.

9. Rant about Trump or the government or whoever the president of your country is

It won’t end well, dont try it. Arguments with saliva flying across the room containing food particles isn’t a pleasant sight.

10. The elephant in the room

If there is an obvious topic deliberately being avoided by the rest of the family members, for the love of Christ please don’t try to bring it up.

I wish you all a happy merry Christmas!

Have fun and dont forget to tell me how you plan on spending your Christmas!


4 thoughts on “10 Things Not To Say This Christmas

  1. judithnwabugwu3892 says:

    people should also not tell sick or sex jokes about the celebrant himself, it’s appalling and highly disrespectful, in fact it’s a sin . nobody wants to go to hell this Xmas.
    merry Xmas ria.

    Liked by 1 person

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