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Nike Art Gallery

I still haven’t recovered from the beauty of this place.

Nike Art Gallery is an art gallery in Lagos owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye. The gallery is arguably the largest of its kind in West Africa. Housed in a five-storey regal building, it boasts a collection of about 8,000 diverse artworks from various Nigerian artists.

I walked into this majestic edifice and I was overpowered with mild symptoms of Stendhal syndrome, nothing prepared me for all the beautiful artworks that welcomed me.

Stendhal syndrome is when a person is overcome with physical symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, or confusion when looking at great works of art.

The art pieces were a lot to take in, from beaded works to oil painting, watercolour paintings, drip and enamel paintings.

I am no art expert but I was wowed to say the least. The sculptures and carvings made from wood, rubber and metal scrap were a delight to behold.

If you ever find yourself in Lagos, Nigeria, Nike art gallery is one great place to visit.

It could also be a great place for a date if you want to try something different. The staff were polite and offered to help keep our bags so that we could walk around with ease. We had a great time here and I am sure you would too.

We didn’t finish the whole tour of the place by the way. There were a ton of artworks!

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