My First Time At Tarkwa Bay Beach🏝

Compliments of the season!🎄🎊

I am trusting every single one of you is having a blast this period. Christmas for me is usually a good time to merry and hang out with friends and family, which of course, comes with the stress of shopping, cooking and trying to get ahead of other commuters who are also looking to hang out with their own families.

It’s often a hustle and bustle situation because almost every single hangout spot is filled with thousands of families enjoying the yuletide.

Tarkwa bay is certainly one of those many hangout spots. The bay is a sheltered beach located near the Lagos harbour in Nigeria.

Due to its island status, it is only accessible by boat. There are several parts of Lagos Island where you can board a ferry or high-speed boat to the bay. The most popular places to get a boat to Tarkwa Bay are Marina, Mekwe Jetty, and Tarzan Marine ( Victoria Island).

I and my awesome companions decided to take a boat at Marina which cost #500 per head.

Almost everything at the beach is subject to negotiation from tents to tables and chairs. So it is important you try to get the best deals

The asking price for the tent cost #2000, the chairs for #1000 each but it is totally negotiable. All these is coupled with an entrance fee of #500 per head too.

The beach is popular with swimmers and water-sports enthusiasts, It also has a welcoming resident community.

As with all beaches, there are always beautiful souvenirs being sold by local traders.

I made sure to get a little something for myself.

I had an amazing time at Tarkwa bay beach. And I must say, this island is going to be seeing more of me in the coming years.

Fun fact: I dislocated my knee trying to get the perfect jump.

P.S: Christmas is not just the celebration of a baby shower that went overboard, it is the beginning of something significant. The Messiah was born and later went on to reconcile us to the Father.



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