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2019 Review: Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts

A new year is lurking around the corner and I am just as expectant as you are. 2019 has been so good to Ria’s haven blog, I recorded my highest readership this year which may have been as a result of a reawakening in dishing out awesome blog posts, research into publishing, blog template, using social media or just sheer luck or a combination of everything.

My readership has spread across over 100 countries from all the continents of the world, a fit I didn’t see coming.

So here is a roundup post of top ten most viewed blog posts this year. I had no idea any of these posts will make serious waves in the blogosphere but here we are.

Starting from the bottom:

10. >>>Relationships are hard

9. >>>Kerewa

8. >>> 8 Kinds of women you should dump

7.>>>Open letter to my dearest readers

6. >>>Rewind—Durbar Festival

5.>>> How I stay motivated in life

4.>>>More than expected

3. >>>10 Tips on getting over a heartbreak

2.>>>An address to African leaders

1.>>>Open letter to African bloggers

I want to appreciate the afrobloggers community for the 30-day writing challenge they pioneered in June. Three of those blog posts got featured in my top ten most viewed posts this year.

To all my existing and new readers, I urge you all to stay tuned for better content next year. Hold my hand, as we take a step back to have a better jump in 2020.

I love you all❤

I would love to hear from you in the comment section. Kindly, let me know if your favorite post made the list if it didn’t, feel free to share it in the comment section.

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