Lafiaji Beach – (Outdoor Date)

Discovering Lafiaji beach was a case of serendipity. My boyfriend and I were thinking of going to a popular beach to hang out and I heard about Lafiaji beach from a friend who had a friend that wanted to visit the place. I was able to get an address and we both decided to visit … Continue reading Lafiaji Beach – (Outdoor Date)

Top 5 Popular Blogging Myths – Debunked

There are so many misconceptions about blogging out there. My ears are full of different assumptions made from a lot of people (non-bloggers and newbies). When I started blogging in 2017, I also had a handful of assumptions about the blogosphere in general and how it worked. Two solid years of blogging experience under my … Continue reading Top 5 Popular Blogging Myths – Debunked