Plain Stupid

My big sis and I spent a huge part of the Christmas holidays surfing YouTube. And, on one of those many days, we stumbled on some YouTubers who were honest enough to share their tummy tuck cosmetic surgery experience in details.

The whole process was scary to watch from their pre-op to post-op, I felt sick to my stomach. The pain in their voices in the video was so heartbreaking but they all seemed a little cheerful with the thought of what the end results will look like.

I couldn’t help wrinkling my nose in judgment at the actions of these many women. “What a silly thing to ever do?” I thought. Going through all that pain to look beautiful was plain stupid as far as I was concerned.

And then it struck me, I remembered years back when I decided to straw curl my hair. After applying all the necessary products on my hair and rolling it in with straws, I was made to sit under a mal-functioned hairdryer that was stuck on the highest heat.

Believe it or not, I could feel my brain frying up but did I continue to endure the heat? hell yeah! The thought of coming out with beautiful curls made me stay put.

Going through all that pain just to look beautiful didn’t feel ‘plain stupid’ anymore. The amount of pain one endures to look pretty may vary but the motivation still remains the same.

I plan to straw curl my hair pretty soon by the way.

Let me hear from you, what pain have you experienced trying to look physically pretty? Was it worth it?

I wish you a great week ahead!

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