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Lafiaji Beach – (Outdoor Date)

Discovering Lafiaji beach was a case of serendipity. My boyfriend and I were thinking of going to a popular beach to hang out and I heard about Lafiaji beach from a friend who had a friend that wanted to visit the place.

I was able to get an address and we both decided to visit the place to have a picnic. I tried googling the area beforehand to see pictures, but just a handful of photos popped up which didn’t depict what I was looking for.

We eventually visited the place out of sheer curiosity and it was amazing.

Lafiaji is a laid-back, remote community in Eti-Osa Local Government Area in Lagos state. Majority of the inhabitants live in wooden and metal shacks and seem to relish in the smell and scenery of the ocean.

Even though the community is generally on the receiving end of serious coastal degradation, the quietude and serenity is a beauty to take in.

The beach was peaceful except for a few kids running and having fun across the expanse of land. There were a few sitting areas with a shade where we took refuge with our picnic hamper.

We were practically the only visitors around which gave me mixed feelings. Anyways, we both didn’t waste time unwrapping the picnic hamper to enjoy a meal together, we were already both tired and hungry from trying to locate the place initially.


1. The beach is inaccessible by car, you need to take a bike and walk a certain distance.

2. There are no side attractions. *It can be boring if you don’t bring your own ‘entertainment’

3. The locals stare a lot.

4. Bring every single thing you need.

5. There is no gate/entrance fee.

6. No one hassles you for anything.

7. There is no security. (We weren’t robbed or disturbed in any way)

Overall, I enjoyed every bit of this place with the LOML❤.

I can’t wait to go on more adventures with my heartthrob to discover hidden treasures like this. I would love to visit Lafiaji beach again.

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