10 Unnecessary Inventions You Never Knew Existed.

“I don’t think necessity is the mother of invention. Invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness – to save oneself trouble.”

— Agatha Christie

I couldn’t have agreed more with Agatha Christie after stumbling on a heap of “unnecessary” inventions on Instagram.

So, as usual, I spend a considerable amount of time surfing the internet and I happened to come across an interesting page on Instagram, with the handle @unnecessaryinventions.

I went through the inventions and I had a good laugh at the ridiculous, absurd and equally mind-blowing inventions. However, I found some that I would definitely spend my money on.

So, let me take you through the top 10 unnecessary necessary inventions of all time that you never knew existed.

1. Chicken Nuggets Holder

As a food lover, I don’t mind getting charged for this. Imagine having bits of food hung around your neck.😍

2. Stink-A-Away

Finally, you can enjoy delicious foods which have quite an unpleasant aroma. This is insanely awesome!

3. EasyReader

It’s one thing to find a good book, it’s an entirely different thing to continually hold a book at an eye-level that doesn’t live your arms aching.

This is a dream come true, I must say.

4. Sobbing Spectacles

Now, the cry babies in the house can watch a tragic/rom-com movie with ease.

You can cry without being noticed or feeling judged because your tear glands won’t stop betraying you.

5. TearRings

Who cares about earrings when you can wear tear rings? I highly recommend this for funerals, romantic movie dates, and wedding ceremonies of close ones where you can awww yourself to death.

6. Jiffy Cuts

Why cut one nail at a time when you can cut four at a go?

Think of all the extra 0.004seconds you can save and use to do your laundry, go shopping, get a degree etc.😌

7. The Sock Locker

I honestly think our socks deserve this. They have been maligned and underappreciated for so long. 😪

8. InstaParasol

Protect your phone from light showers and sunlight. The weather shouldn’t stop you from texting away and swiping through awesome photos on Instagram.

9. The Personal Spacinator

You can finally reclaim your personal space from close talkers, crowded places, random body to body touches from random people.

This personal spacinator also comes in different sizes ranging from 3ft-10ft. With the whole coronavirus boohaha, you should totally grab this.👀

10. The Reverse Flip-Flops

This is my personal favourite! Are you trying to ditch that stalker on the beach? or confuse your haters and village people? Or you just don’t want people to know your next step in life?

Then, this is the flip flops you need.

I hope you had an amazing read. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Which of these inventions would you not mind purchasing?

Click here to view more unnecessary inventions.

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