Writing challenge

The Introduction (II)

Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All. — Helen Keller

I signed up for a 5-day creative writing challenge by Julie O., the owner of this awesome blog – Frame Ambition.

Let’s meet Julie!

Julie is a travel writer, freelancer, and content creator. She loves everything about travel, photography, and is currently pursuing a nomadic lifestyle.

I am so excited to sign up for this as I really need a great deal of mental exercise right now. More so, Writing challenges have been proven to improve one’s writing muscles and I honestly can’t agree more. I have been opportune to successfully participate and crush two writing challenges, one which lasted for 10 days and the other for 30 days and the results were nothing short of amazing!

[Check out my completed writing challenges >>>here]

For the next five days, I would be drawing from my well of creativity to dish out amazing posts carved out from the inspiring prompts delivered by Julie O.

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I sincerely hope you all would stick around and join me on this writing journey.

Blogging comes with many challenges. A writing challenge should not be part of them. — Ria’s Haven

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