8 Ways To Improve Your Blog Readership.

I am not on the list of top 100 bloggers or even in the top 1 million bloggers for that matter. I am just a baby girl who loves writing in her little corner. I started blogging in mid-June, 2017. But, I didn't pay much attention to it until this year. I took my blog … Continue reading 8 Ways To Improve Your Blog Readership.


The Biggest Scam Ever!

Do you want to know what it is? Promise not to freak out if I tell you? Swear it! Okay, here we go....*piano playing quietly in the background* the biggest scam in this 21st century are motivational speeches orchestrated by so-called motivational speakers. Motivational speeches are just a ton of regurgitated, recycled, rewashed and rinsed … Continue reading The Biggest Scam Ever!

Owambe 🎀

'Owambe' is a yoruba word that loosely means 'it's here' to connote something is happening here. The word has fast become a street slang in Nigeria to mean a wedding party. Wedding parties in Nigeria are generally slated for Saturdays and yesterday I had a nice time at an acquaintance's wedding. The main reason I … Continue reading Owambe 🎀