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Twitter Stories 10

"Many people make the mistake of confusing information with knowledge. They are not the same thing. Knowledge involves the interpretation of information. Knowledge involves listening." — Henning Mankell Yippee!!! Welcome to the 10th episode of Twitter stories.🤗 On today's episode, I will be sharing an interesting thread on funny cases of being misunderstood. Language as… Continue reading Twitter Stories 10

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Twitter Stories 9

Hello guys! As some of my consistent readers already know, Sundays are solely for twitter stories. Feel free to check out previous episodes if this is your first time here. That being said, I want to to welcome you to today's episode on 'not-minding-my-business' and 'toxic masculinity'. So, as usual, I was surfing the internet… Continue reading Twitter Stories 9

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Twitter Stories 8

I know it's been ages I published a Twitter story, please find it in your heart to forgive my laxity.🙈 So, it's another beautiful Sunday! It is currently 6:41 am WAT and I am preparing to put on my Sunday best to go worship my God. Therefore, I am going to write this post real… Continue reading Twitter Stories 8

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Twitter Stories 7

Drum roll...🎊🎊 'Twitter stories' is back! I have been itching to bring stories trending on twitter here. It's actually 21: 30pm WAT here, it's been a hella of a day so far but I was determined to share a story today. So, a picture that was shared by Miley Cyrus has been making rounds on… Continue reading Twitter Stories 7

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Twitter Stories 6

How was today's message in your respective place of worship? and for those who are not into all that Sunday ish, what have you been up to? Well for me, I have been lazying around and looking up stories on Twitter. And guess what I found? The most absurd, disgusting sermon as narrated by Tomi.… Continue reading Twitter Stories 6

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Twitter Stories 5

Today's story is kind of linked to >>> Twitter Stories 4. So this is 2019 and we are still on this narrative about men being tagged overgrown babies that can't take care of themselves much less watch the kids. Under this tweet were a handful of men who gladly agreed and found their incompetence hilarious… Continue reading Twitter Stories 5

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Twitter Stories 4

Hey guys! Happy Sunday to you all. Look what I stumbled article about the 21st-century couple. You can check out the full article by clicking the link 👉What "good" dads get away with She wrote a short thread 👇 I really don't want to deviate from this thread but in my opinion, I think… Continue reading Twitter Stories 4

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Twitter Stories 2

My day has been great so far, and yeah, I stumbled on something interesting on twitter.I personally don't like getting involved with topics that cut across religious lines. I just prefer to read and scroll through comments and discussions.So I picked up a conversation when the news popped up on Twitter NG about a 15-year-old… Continue reading Twitter Stories 2