My Previous Life

I have written something about my tribe in one of my previous posts. You can check it out here >>>>The country side Okay let's come back, I am an Igbo girl, born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. According to Igbo mythology, it is believed that people reincarnate. The evidences of this, usually includes birthmarks, a … Continue reading My Previous Life


The Entrepreneur Life

Everyone is fast becoming a CEO/business owner these days. I look to my right and left and everyone seems to be venturing into one business or the other. It's really a good thing, I must say. Available jobs are now inversely proportional to the population of qualified hands, therefore, one has to be creative with … Continue reading The Entrepreneur Life


It was a cold friday or Saturday morning I can't really remember now, but I had just finished doing my laundry and had nothing to do in the hostel. The great awaited final year was here, what was I to do with myself after school I thought. I decided to call my sister to justbug … Continue reading Explore


We all love soccer. I love soccer. Be it virtual or in real time, I love participating or cheering on the lines. Back in university, everyone was always happy about the H.O.D's and Dean's cup tournament. Er..not everyone actually, some no-joy students didn't care less. Students from year one to final year usually kick-off trainings … Continue reading IT GOES DARK


Very much inspiring.


Baker taking out from the oven baked buckweat bread Baker or the bread?

I’m not a masochist[1] when I say that pain is good.

What I have found, is that pain reveals our core beliefs. It peels us layer by layer, to reveal our core.

A surgery in 2013 left me in the acute pain that broke the outer shell of my faith in Christ. Lying on my back, unable to turn to both sides, and trying so hard to remember the treasure of scriptures that I have memorized over time, made me feel abandoned.

I had prayed, fasted, gave offerings, and yet doctors had spent hours in surgery with me- and I had a God.

The sympathy from family didn’t help me at all but sent me further into the frustrating tunnel of making sense of why I needed to thank God that it wasn’t “worse than this”. At least, everyone agreed “you are still alive”. What…

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coffee-stock-photoQuick oats, Instant coffee, rapid response squad, fast service delivery are terms that show us that we want it now and fast.

It is extremely difficult to wait for stuff we need. For the Christian,there is nothing more faith-draining and exhausting than understanding  God for things we need that are not forthcoming. One major cause of discontent among Christians is making sense of God’s “delay” to our requests,

When we pray long and hard, wetting our beds with tears, and wondering when God will come through for us; it is tempting to question his goodness. The most confusing point for the believer comes that moment you feel God’s guidance nudging you to do a thing. Then, in an instant everything goes awry. Blank. Nothing goes according to plan and you wonder: how long do I wait to get relief?

Why does God not help me?

Does God really care for…

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Once upon a time, a jewellery shop got burgled at midnight. The thieves did something interesting; instead of stealing jewellery they just swapped the price tags. They took tags of the very expensive jewellery and placed it on very cheap jewellery and vice-versa. When they were done, they left taking nothing with them. By morning … Continue reading PRICE AND VALUE