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What can I Teach You?

Day 05: Being an educator, it's amazing how this prompt really proved difficult to write. I am in an awkward position because I can't come up with one thing I can really teach a variety of my audience from different walks of life, races, and geographical locations. I have written loads of blog posts to… Continue reading What can I Teach You?

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The Introduction (III) —My Commitment Pledge

Day 01 I can't believe it's been a year since I participated in this winter blogging challenge. For those who don't know, Winter Abc or Winter Blogging Challenge is a 30-day blogging challenge organised by Afrobloggers every year in the month of June. African writers from around the continent participate in this writing challenge. Click… Continue reading The Introduction (III) —My Commitment Pledge

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2019 Review: Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts

A new year is lurking around the corner and I am just as expectant as you are. 2019 has been so good to Ria's haven blog, I recorded my highest readership this year which may have been as a result of a reawakening in dishing out awesome blog posts, research into publishing, blog template, using… Continue reading 2019 Review: Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts


Why am I still blogging?

Blogging can be therapeutic I must say; the relieve you feel telling untold stories inside of you and spinning out ideas and content you are so passionate about is indescribable. Plus, the little doses of euphoria that envelopes you when you get notifications from people totally relating to your content on your blog is so… Continue reading Why am I still blogging?


Guilty Pleasures 🙈

Guilty pleasures are things we love indulging in, that we know very well we shouldn't be doing. C'mon, don't roll your eyes. Everyone has guilty pleasures so don't judge me. I have a lot of them but I will just share a few with you guys. So, let's rock n roll: 1. Sleeping In I… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures 🙈

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Open Letter to African Bloggers

This prompt bring us to the end of the 30-day writing challenge by afrobloggers. I am so proud of myself for writing consistently this past few weeks amidst personal challenges. I honestly hope to continue writing frequently from now on. If this is your first time of reading my post, kindly avail yourself to my… Continue reading Open Letter to African Bloggers

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Open Letter To My Dearest Readers

“Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.” — Robin Moore Day 29: Words can't do justice in expressing how I feel every single time I get a notification of a like or a comment, or when I check my blog statistics and for some weird reason I am not seeing… Continue reading Open Letter To My Dearest Readers

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The Lessons

I once participated in a 30-day writing challenge some months ago but I didn't finish it. When I came across this challenge, I wasn't sure if things will end the same way, and I was sort of curious to find out. Anyways, today's prompt is to write about the lessons I learned during this challenge.… Continue reading The Lessons

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10 Photos and What They Mean To Me.

I have a ton of photos and I was spoilt for choice on selecting 10 photos to share with you all. Anyways, I decided to share some illustrations I got from Pinterest, I honestly find these illustrations pretty thoughtful, and inspiring. I hope you love them as much as I do. By the way, the… Continue reading 10 Photos and What They Mean To Me.