🔆Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work🔆

I know...I know..I know that long distance relationships are hard. I have never wanted to be in one, but it was inevitable for us. So I am currently in a long distance relationship right now, we didn't start off like that, by the way. We have always been in the same city until the call … Continue reading 🔆Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work🔆

Open Letter to my niblings (Honour, Josh, Hallow & Ulo)

There is no doubt that I have a special bond with you. I have watched you suckle, cry with your tiny voices, laugh so hard exposing just your pink gum with no teeth in view. I have watched you struggle with infant ailments, how your mothers worried over you and nursed you back to health. … Continue reading Open Letter to my niblings (Honour, Josh, Hallow & Ulo)