It was a cold friday or Saturday morning I can't really remember now, but I had just finished doing my laundry and had nothing to do in the hostel. The great awaited final year was here, what was I to do with myself after school I thought. I decided to call my sister to justbug … Continue reading Explore

4 Things…🌻

Isn't it a nice coincidence that I am writing about four things...on the fourth month of the year? Alright let's delve into the post at hand. So basically, I decided to do this post for my readers to know more about me. Plus I love love making lists.😍 Let's begin! 1. 4 names I go … Continue reading 4 Things…🌻

Me & Religion🌻

In Nigeria, religion is mainly categorised into three; Christianity, Islam and traditional worshippers. However, on forms and applications it's just two categories, Christianity or Islam. Hence, traditional worshippers have to pick their second best religion to fit in. Personally, religion(christainity) is a unique journey that I am very much discovering and learning. I understand the … Continue reading Me & Religion🌻